DV-2018 Visa Interview Failure.

DV-2018 interview failure may occour for many reasons. If happened so, the interviewing consular officer will give you the reason for the refusal of the visas. In many instant the given reasons will be provided technical words, that can be understood only by immigration lawyers. And not by normal educated people.

Visas Denial.

1. Refusal of visas after the interview.
2. Couldn’t attend the interview as visas had exhausted. (High Case Number)
3. Couldn’t attend the interview in time or requested for Visa Interview date reschedule that was not permitted.
4. Failure to provide documents in time, that were requested at the time of the visa interview.
5. Visa application is under additional processing 221(g). Processing within a week or may take some months.

Interview Failure

Many people used to fail during their visa processing at the time of their DV-2018 visa interviews in their country US Embassies. Not only these people had lost their American visas, but also their right to live their life in the USA along with their visa processing fees. The amount of money they paid for the  visa processing fee is looked as large amount by the third world country people. So it is their duty to check their eligibility thoroughly, before they pay such large amount.

Many people think once they had been selected as winner, in the visa draw, they will get their visas without any difficulties. They must understand that lot of things can affect their eligibility for to be a clean and eligible winner to get the visas.
1. Education/Work Experience
2. Perfect Initial Form filling.
3. Medical Examination
4. Citizen with Clean Life
5. Ability to provide Affidavit of support/ Lot of personal wealth that can be taken with you.
If you are not perfect with any of the above thing, there are chances for you your visas to be refused at the time of the interview. The same will affect your LPR petition while you are staying in the USA, with a valid visa.

How many Visas Are Available?

There are nearly 50,000 visas are available under the DV-2018 visa lottery program.
To issue all the available visas nearly 100,000 people are selected as winners in the draw, as most of the winners may not be eligible through education/work experience at the time of their interview.

Following numbers of Diversity Immigrants visas were issued under these fiscal year programs.
2012        33,125
2013        51,080
2014        51,018
2015        48,097
2016       45,664

Why people were refused of their visas at the interview?
1. Participating in the draw without understanding the rules of the draw.
2. Don’t meet the required education/work experience.
3. Found to be an unhealthy person, through the Medical examination.
4. Providing fake educational/work experience certificates.
5. For entering in to fake marriage by assisting another person to get American visas.
6. Punished by local court for criminal offenses.
7.  Had missed spouse, some family member/s in the original application form.
8. Had been banned by the US Immigration Department for any violation in the previous years.
9. Activities against the interest of the USA.
10. Involvement in Group activities against democratically elected Governments.
11. Entered information doesn’t match with the information provided at the time of the visa processing.

Plenty of applicants couldn’t get their American Visas as they couldn’t provide their affidavit of support through the I-134 in time. This should be from their relatives or friends who are living in the USA with LPR or as an US citizen. This Affidavit of support is looked as a serious matter, by the Embassy staff as they don’t want the new comers to be stranded on the streets of the USA without proper care and proper support.

So make one affidavit of support while keep someone with it as an stand by one in case the original one is not good or if you didn’t receive it in time.

Source: KCC

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